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Maine's Crypto Resource

Local registered Maine Caregivers located in Southern Maine. We are on a mission to help and provide knowledge to our patients, in regards to the new cannabis industry. Our company provides unique versatility to support new and upcoming local businesses and demonstrates the proper knowledge to such topics of cannabis, from grow to harvest.

We are the first in Maine to acknowledge and accept cryptocurrency as an alternative form of payment! Our staff is properly trained on the new payment method, and happy to assist!

For cryptos, we now accept: PotCoin, MotaCoin, GrowersCoin, GanjaCoin, and HempCoin!

With your desire to obtain knowledge, and our help, we can ensure your first step in the right direction for establishing a secure and safe-as-can-be business in this new industry. From grow to financials.

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Registered Maine Caregivers

Our entire team is properly staffed and comply with all up to date medical laws. No shortcuts!

Unable to Leave Home?

We will be more than happy to assist those who are unable to be mobile. Just ask!

Crypto Currency

Crypto is rapidly becoming the alternative to simple and fast transactions for medical dispensaries across the country. Keep an eye out for Bitcoin ATMs!

Locals All Working Together

We interact with many local caregivers and growers in the Southern Maine area, and always ensure quality is provided. Quality is a must.

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We are always accepting patients!

Look no further when it comes to finding a reliable and consistent source for your needs!

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