Helping Maine Grow

Maine's Quality Organic Medicine

FinTech and Cannabis

We are registered Maine caregivers. We also guest contract grow for the local Maine medical dispensaries. Our small-batch, organic quality grow is the promise we provide to both our patients and clients.

Buckin Buds is the first caregiver to ever accept cryptocurrency as an alternative method of payment for medicines. Being able to entirely sidestep the modern-day Federal banking infrastructure is a more secure, efficient, and transparent way to work with both our patients and remote clients. Instant payments peer-to-peer should be easy.

We use the provided financial instruments to enhance our asset-light business model. The major key to using cryptography is that you do not need a centralized authority to keep a check for any manipulation. This immutable technology has become censor-resistant with the more users it has within its network.


Features of Financial Technology

With the issue of being able to legally accept Federal fiat for our medicines, or at least bonded to regulations, this tech has allowed us to grow independently away from banks and operate our own living and breathing ecosystem.

Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)

Buckin Buds uses this financial technology as a public ledger to record cryptographic transactions that are maintained within a decentralized network. This cannot be undone once recorded, so security is a strong focus point for our business.

Ex: XRP Ledger

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are an agreement between peers that are written on self-executing lines of code. These are defined as computerized transaction protocols that execute terms of a contract. Benefits of using these are for tracability, transparency, and irreversible. Decentralization plays a major role in smart contracts for buyers and sellers.

Blockchain Technology

The blockchain stores data that is applied to the network you are using. The more users within the network, the more secure it is. This allows users to store value or smart contracts confidently.

Blocks of data are stored linearly and in chronological order. This helps recordkeeping of all transactions, with no authoriative approval or revision.

Be Rewarded for the ‘HODL’

HODL‘ is a term for, “Hold On [For] Dear Life”. This is often used in the cryptocurrency space due to its higher volatility. If the value increases on your digital asset, the USD amount increases that you initially invested in at!

With imminent negative interest rates about to hit a lot of banks due to the hyperinflated economy, you can be assured that your USD is secure, and only accessible by you.

Organic Grow & Solventless Extraction

We proudly grow organic medicine for our patients. Quality is a must. Below are some snapshots of our work.

Networking with Strong Quality Brands in Maine

Canuvo Dispensary is one of the original eight medical dispensaries that were approved for Maine. We guest grow and provide additional menu items to their fast-growing list! Huffy Puffy provides Maine and the New England area with the highest quality 510 batteries for your vaping needs. Be sure to check out their website below. The Community Bonfire is a great place to network! Whether it’s your first time or not, you’ll feel at home right away.

Canuvo Dispensary; Biddeford, ME


Huffy Puffy; Portland, ME


Community Bonfire; TBA, ME


Remote Affiliation

Not only do we strongly network within the State of Maine, but we also reach out to remote companies that share mutual interests in our ecosystem and marketplace.