is an asset-light business model of medical cannabis caregiving out of Southern Maine. Our small-batch, organic quality grow is the promise we provide to both our patients and local shops.

Our vision of the medical cannabis industry entails providing a qualitative decentralized marketplace, where caregivers are allowed to display their grow and products freely, without having the nervousness of having interference.

Buckin Buds is the first registered caregiver to ever accept cryptocurrency as an alternative payment method in the cannabis industry. We work with both local and remote clients for builds and investments. We also have the first decentralized shop in the cannabis industry.

Features include, but not limited to:

– Payments via self-executing smart contracts, digital assets, ERC-20/BEP-20/TRC-20 tokens, or traditional fiat
– Design & Marketing oversight
– Implementing affiliate features
– Onboarding merchants
– Decentralizing finance (DeFi)

This allows us to network more openly and it introduces the next level of innovation for e-commerce shopping, order filling, supply chain data distribution, and digital payment processing.

Organic Grow to Solventless Extraction

Below are some snapshots of our craft. We strongly network with brands locally to display the various craftwork to demonstrate that #MaineBringsTheHeat

Indoor Grow

Most seeds were provided locally by 207 Genetics.

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Outdoor Grow

Most genetics were created and locally provided by Organic Moutain Man.

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GMO Solventless Hash Rosin

These seeds were provided locally by Organic Mountain Man.

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With issues always around legally accepting Federal fiat for modern day medicines, this technology has allowed us to grow independently away from banks and operate our own living, breathing ecosystem.


Buckin Buds uses this financial instrument as a public ledger to record cryptographic transactions that are maintained within a decentralized network. This cannot be undone once recorded, so security is a strong focus point for our business. We use it for things such as supply chain, transactions, tracking, and much more. Chronological and transparent transactions are a benefit.


Smart contracts are an agreement between peers that are written on self-executing lines of code. These are defined as computerized transaction protocols that execute terms of a contract. Benefits of using these are for traceability, transparency, and irreversibility. Decentralization plays a major role in smart contracts for buyers and sellers.


The blockchain stores data that is applied to the network you are using. The more users within the network, the more secure it is. This allows users to store value or smart contracts confidently. Blocks of data are stored linearly and in chronological order. This helps record-keeping of all transactions, with no authoritative approval or revision.


“A purely peer-to-peer version of electronic cash would allow online payments to be sent directly from one party to another without going through a financial institution. Digital signatures provide part of the solution, but the main benefits are lost if a trusted third party is still required to prevent double-spending.” – Abstract of Bitcoin Whitepaper


Quality Maine Brands

Highlighted below are a few of the brands out of Maine that are thriving in the industry and looking to take it even further. Take some time to visit their websites to learn more about them, great teams to work with.

Maine Cannabis Chronicle

Maine Cannabis Chronicle has been keeping the community updates fresh with each latest drop of their magazine. Be sure to pick one up at your local shop.

Organic Mountain Man

In the heart of Maine, localized crosses are created by Organic Mountain Man and quality flowers are the outcome. Good for all types of growers. View their list below.

Community Bonfire

Community Bonfire hosts events quarterly and continue to expand in each event. The exciting and good vibe times can be tracked for updates below.

PayID: Universal Payment Identifier

PayID allows consumers something equivalent to an email address, but for payments within a decentralized global payment network. When compared to emails or text messages, there is a single network for the entire world. The payments infrastructure consists of hundreds of isolated networks that don’t speak to each other. Frictionless, fast payments. We have also integrated our network to be powered by Chainlink for accepting payments, executing smart contracts, and leading the way in decentralizing finance in the crypto space.


The Canna Crypto Ecosystem

Below are some of the teams that contribute to our developing ecosystem.