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In late 2017, we were working alongside with the Department of State and planting a vision of our own. We wanted to be able to establish ourselves as an honest, transparent grow that is reliable and clean. With contractual updates coming along, we decided it was best to part ways before starting a new process within a new company.

As we advanced our priorities into play, and parted ways with government contracting to pursue the vision. Quickly after the departure, our team went straight to work mode for the project. Having superior quality control within each department did provide us the proper training on how to organize for project management, we were able to set the tone and by the end of 2017 have contractual discussions already in play.

With Buckin Buds Organic Supply as our original startup, we initially envisioned to open a Southern Maine (York area) grow supply store that was not an out of state affiliated. Diligently networking with BWGS before their discontinuation, and delegating the work for our lawyers to pan out the business rules and the criminal rules behind us. That way we have all the confidence we need to pursue this once in a lifetime vision.

During this time, in 2018, we were also delving into Domino’s Pizza oversight for company fundamentals and technical analysis on the business model. Our affiliation with local Domino’s in Maine have been well-known for the past decade, and looking to only get better! It was a way to facilitate the markets for both careers without having conflict of interest. After our one year tenure on the research put together, we had our next play.

Starting off 2019 hot, we announced in mid January that we were officially accepting crypto as an alternative method of payment. This was the hatching moment for how the vision was going to continue to tie in with this new technology. Working with many different coins and developers, it has been an incredible experience to work side by side with them. In late 2019 we began to collaborate with Canuvo Dispensary, located in Biddeford.

Today, we remotely affiliate and network with various companies. We provide resources and knowledge to help all types of businesses to find quicker, more efficient ways to receive payments for their business. With the industry opening up in Maine to both recreation and medical use, we think it’s very important to take advantage of the financial instruments that we have provided and create alternative ecosystems without the need of a bank or third-party merchant.

We look forward to continue networking with everyone!

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