Charlie Shrem

Helping Maine Grow

Our friend, and Bitcoin advocate & industry pioneer, Charlie Shrem, was into the Bitcoin game early on. With his creativity & highly innovative strategy, he is priming up for a nice institutional push for the communities of crypto.

With his podcast out, ‘Untold Stories’, he brings entrepreneurs & disruptors on the podcast to explain how much improvement there really has been in the crypto & blockchain space.

Charlie started by creating the start-up, Daily Checkout, when he was atteding college in Brooklyn, NY in 2009. Upon success of the endeavor, the company was then acquired by BlueSwitch around 2012.

Best Crypto Podcast

Mister Shrem founded BitInstant & the Bitcoin Foundation in 2011, whilst finishing senior year in college. BitInstant, a more user-friendly company that initially charged a fee for users to purchase & exchange BTC at over 700,000 locations.

Brilliance can see seen right in front of us if we just open our eyes up to the beauty.

Having support from the BTC Pioneer himself, this is incredible and remarkly, best moment of my life. The best part about all of this: it’s just the start.

Charlie, thank you for inspiring me through the movie Banking on Bitcoin. I’ve recepted very well *hopefully* the vision of what we can do to disrupt traditional bank system practices. I look forward to the future working with you.

The man at the Helm.