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Citrus Digital Expansion Enterprises

Citrus is an asset-light private contracting company that hyper focuses on digital payment solutions, surrounding the digital & crypto space. Our vision of this model is to safely and securely onboard institutions that are mutually interested in adoption. This cryptographic movement demonstrates the current disruption of what’s known to be as the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

With our firm, we provide permissionless, mutually agreed upon (typically bilateral/trilateral), self-executing smart contract nodes from the Chainlink network, that is derived from the DeFi mogul, Ethereum. Ethereum runs a decentralized finance database that allows non-governed transactions faciliate without a middle man.

Variety is Sweet

One exclusive benefit to networking within our firm is that we innovate and disrupt modern day practices to commit to the cross-border, permissionless, non-governed facilitation of data sharing. Our research analysts are nonstop covering the crypto space, and eager to show the demonstrated skill set to corporations who are ready to color outside the lines. We work with regulators, contractors, affiliation, private investors, and more to become the nucleus of digital payments for large enterprise SMEs. This industry rapidly changes and modifies because it is in near-correlation to geopolitical, macroeconomical events around the world.

Citrus is a quietly disruptive, yet innovative and effective with efficency. Encountering three decades of crises and dollar index bounces, lab-rumored illnesses to raise societal awareness gives us the “natural resourcing” of how to maintain and persevere during harder times. This is framed to deleverage corporations from the hyperinflating US dollar printing that is considered to appear as a ‘Titanic’ movie.

Citrus Digital Expansion Enterprises

Mutual Integration Research

Listed below are the types of industries that are contributing to our growing ecosystem:

Cryptocurrency/DeFi Industry
– Coins/Tokens
– News/Media
– Exchanges/Trading Platforms
– Social Influencers/Lifestyle

Cannabis/Hemp Industry
– Expos/Conventions
– Commerical/Local Supply Companies
– Dispensaries
– Hemp Agriculture
– Delivery Services
– Growers/Breeders
– News/Media
– Social Influencers/Lifestyle
– Careers/Networking

Economic Industries
– Software/Security
– Local/Corporate Companies
– Commercial/Freight Transportation
– Oils/Energies/International Trade Development
– Real Estate/Investors
– Asset Firms/Hedgefunds
– Geopolitical News/Media
– Worldwide Geopolitical Social Influencers/Lifestyle

What Makes Us Stand Out

With real time demonstration of the successful cohesion between crypto and cannabis through our business model, we are entering the valuation, or price exploration phase.

Innovative companies and technologies are seeking massive, potential exploration interests in real life and real-time use cases of how to apply tokeneconomics to modern day supply-chains, internal business operations, quicker access to cash flow and liquidity sources by operating their own decentralized oracles and financing.
We build digital infrastructures that fit your business’s needs. Transparent, open-source codes are the resrources we compile from.


Digital Expansion Enterprises
Mutual Integration Research

If there are any interested corporations or companies that are interested in our Project Integration, please send us an email at for more information. No phone calls. View our LinkedIn profile to network closer with us.