Exchanging PotCoin

Helping Maine Grow

The most convenient and easiest way to get PotCoin is through our friends over at ChangeAngel.io. At ChangeAngel, you can simply swap the desired coins out (that’s available on their list) and get PotCoin in return.

Ensure you have an external PotCoin wallet, either at Coinomi or PotCoin.com.

About ChangeAngel

“ChangeAngel is a crypto-to-crypto, wallet-to-wallet, no-custody, swap exchange service. The first currencies to be listed for direct swapping are: DGB, POT, GRS, DCR, LTC, BTC, ETH and BTG.

But, there is more to the ChangeAngel story. We are on a mission to create sustainable ways to support non ICO, open-source, decentralised blockchain development. This means that as you buy your favourite cryptos, you are also supporting your favourite blockchain development. To start, we will donate a portion of swap revenue to DigiByte, PotCoin, Groestl, Decred and LiteCoin to continue their development.

As our platform grows, we plan to support additional open-source, non-profit blockchain projects.

ChangeAngel will also employ innovative blockchain solutions to enhance our platform, develop new products and promote dApp integration. Currently, we are using AntumID / Digi-ID for sign-in / sign-up authentication. AntumID is powered by DigiByte blockchain technology.”

How to Swap for PotCoin

  1. Once on the website, register for free with an email address and a secure password.
  2. When registered, there is a table in the right-hand corner of the screen that will ask of you what you’d like to exchange.
  3. In the first drop-down box, select the coin that you wish to send. Note that there are minimums for each type of coin listed under the entry.
  4. In the second drop-down box, select PotCoin. It will then generate a summary of how much PotCoin you’ll get in return for your first input.
  5. Verify and confirm that the entries are correct on the next page. Enter your return address for the coin you are swapping to get PotCoin.
  6. Once confirmed, it will then generate a send address for you to send your coins to. Here, you will want to copy/paste the send address to the send of your wallet of the selected coin.
  7. The swap can take 30-60 minutes to process. You will receive an email once the swap has been complete.

If you’d like to swap out your PotCoin, just follow the above steps, using PotCoin as the first drop-down box selected.