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Rolling With The Wizard – 05MAR2019

Want to watch something new and unique on YouTube? Check out Rolling With The Wizard over on YouTube! He conducted our first interview. You can watch below:

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Daily Token Co – 03NOV2019

Daily Token Co is a crypto enthusiast that brings fresh, up-to-date information on what’s happening lately in the crypto industry. Follow on Instagram & Telegram to stay tuned!

“It was a priority to understand the Federal level of this new industry. So disrupting banking methodologies for our position, we have made a reputation of being the crypto resource in Maine. The idea instantly made sense to me since the dollar was always looked at negatively. The stigma has a lot of work to do. Innovation is a huge part of a success to our company.”

– Joe O., CEO


“It made a new set of eyes look at the company for how else we can help other shops onboard it and learn as well. Our sales have overall been increasingly positive from the acceptance of crypto.”

“With our strategies in place, we do not get adversely affected by the well-known volatility. Our research and studies help us understand the market and signals.”

Joe O., CEO


Crypto is becoming a solidified payment solution, with the already adopted payments of Venmo, PayPal, CashApp and cash. Crypto is complimentary to the fundamental dollar. This also works well on a Federal level while the air is getting cleared out as to how to legally accept cash as payment.”

Joe O., CEO

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