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Summer Grow: Harvested & Curing
12OCT2020 18:48EST
The annual outdoor growing has come to an end in Maine, as growers prepare for the cold weather ahead. Buckin Buds has now completed their outdoor grow, and continuing onto trimming and growing indoor. Strains indoor include White Widow, Great White Shark, and our inhouse created Pineapple Cookies.
Over the past month or two, Buckin Buds has developed research into hydroponics growing, cloning, and breeding with our newest grower on the team. A lot of incredible results have come along the way. From our first cross of the year, to making it available in traditional grow and in hydro.
“Adding this variety to our project dShop really helps lay out more of a foundation as to what is possible,” CEO Joe Orfe replied when being asked about the direction of the company. “Not only we have our own products on there, but other growers are beginning to notice some of their products up too. This will give a more confident ground for sellers to enter the DeFi space with cannabis.”
Trailblazing its own course, Buckin Buds continues to build the model from within, still with zero funding. The Community Bonfire event is this weekend, for anyone who’s down for a freaky time.
When being asked if they were participating this round, Joe replied, “There’s a slight possibility Buckin Buds may be there. It’s more about keeping safe than it is being social.”

Crypto Features Coming to Reality
04OCT2020 23:58EST
Buckin Buds continues to push through the creative barriers when it comes to decentralizing markets and financing within the cannabis industry. Utilizing Origin Protocol’s dShop application, they are now able to continue the e-commerce thrive with its functionalities including the acceptance of Ethereum, DAI, Origin Tokens, and even PayPal. Origin brings a unique feature to this application as well by introducing the Origin Dollar. This is a dollar that can be held in a wallet, and yields interest for you, for simply holding!
With Chainlink nodes and PayID integrated already, adding the dShop to the list makes the dominance of the canna crypto industry even more demonstrated. On the dShop, you are now able to purchase seeds, swag, and other various products. With the simplicity for item selecting and payment selections, this is a confident move in their position.
The grow is coming to an end for the season here in Maine. Buckin Buds has successfully harvested over 60 plants from this grow. Harvest will be busy times as Maine continues to open up regulations for adult use. More details to come this week.

Buckin Buds: “We’re Prepared for a Macro Shift in Business”
22SEP2020 10:49EST
The summer grow in Maine has been nothing short of spectacular for the Maine cannabis community. Buckin Buds has overtime now hired one new grower, crypto research analyst, and a couple of developers to “prepare for the digital paradigm”.
The harvest for Buckin Buds is continuing through until roughly early October. There have already been a few series of frost in the mornings. This can deceive some growers, as they can potentially shorten the trichome development and quality for an overall outstanding product.
Strains that will be ready in the outdoor batch are:
– Vitamin C
– Carrot Cake
– Jacked Up Lemon Haze
– Wedding Cake
– Dosidos x Afghani
– Pineapple Express
– Afgooey
– Biggest Bud
– Sour Cyclone 2:1 CBD
– Huckleberry Soda 5 x AstroCookies
“There is a major shift in macroeconomics that seamlessly blends in with all of the events happening geopolitically this year,” CEO Joe Orfe said. He added, “Now that we have a more confident structure in our asset-light model, I feel as if we prepared for something that will not really pop off for another year or so.”
The forward thinking of this company has set itself in a leveraging position against the modern day banking system by adopting the fintech open-source codes that are available to everybody, in a decentralized fashion.
“We’ve integrated Chainlink nodes and Ripple’s PayID into our infrastructure, and also have been working with various types of businesses to customize their own individual method adopting crypto and other digital payments into their models,” Orfe said. “OcularEnerg3 has been in production since early July, and the products we have resourced to support the disruption. We add code and more ideas to the infrastructure daily to stay in the top race of this concept.”

The Ball Keeps Rolling: Buckin Buds Announces Affiliation with Charlie Shrem
06AUG2020 23:54EST
After entering price exploration & valuation, Buckin Buds keeps the shots coming by announcing a friendly introduction to the partnership with Bitcoin advocate, Charlie Shrem.
Charlie has been part of the Bitcoin game since it started. With creativity and innovation as his strong points, he has been able to open eyes to what crypto can do, in such short time.
Shrem brings fellow crypto-advocates and disruptors of the financial industry onto his Podcast, Untold Stories. With many names, recognizable and new, entering the crypto space this is certainly demonstrating a degree of hype that is not talked about enough.
Once the waves are here, that is when they will talk about it. Buckin Buds continues to ball with the crypto and cannabis spaces, intertwining them into a harmonic ecosystem.
This ecosystem allows supply-chain transparency, quicker access to cash flow and liquidity, payment solutions, and a lot more.
Be sure to tune into Charlie’s podcasts regularly, as the crypto space is rapidly changing to its adhering environment.

“Now Hiring”: Buckin Buds Explores Career Potentials for Expansion
05AUG2020 23:43EST
Preparing for the harvest in the fall, and the adoption of crypto moving rapidly, Buckin Buds has begun to explore potential career positions to fill, in continuation of expanding the business model.
With a lot of pressure/tension-like environment in the communities enough as it is with the global pandemic, and community usual issues, this comes off as quite the surprise to see the announcement go out.
Speculators and investors are now beginning to contact and reach out on how to support the project and expansion. Some of the positions posted included medical trimmers, crypto traders, growers (in tiers), and consultants.
Seeing the list and deeper descriptions to the idea behind each role, Buckin Buds perseveres through the storm of negativity, after having to settle affiliate fall outs. The future just keeps looking greener and gold, the more the pace is pushed by Buckin Buds.
They have begun entering LinkedIn business parks to continue networking for valuation, price exploration, and possible investors and firm backings. This also, on the second hand, provides a strong promotion/advertisement to the company for those that did not know about them before.
More to come.

Power Play in Making: ChainLink Mutually Partners with Buckin Buds
08JUL2020 23:34EST
On July 8th, 2020, Buckin Buds announces the ChainLink node integration into their business model to further continue exploration of the DeFi & blockchain space, respectively.
With PayID already built in & assigned, the next move for Buckin Buds was to integrate the most popular oracle cloud-based utility token, ChainLink. This officially now allows Buckin Buds to facilitate many e-commerce data feeds and payments, all guided with no governance, trustless, and decentralized network. This opens the door for corporations and institutions to enter the space in a more comfortable position.
The news spread like wildfire on the initial post via Twitter. The frog-infested communities rejoiced and were ecstatic of seeing the first outside integration of the ChainLink node/protocol. This also allows them to enter the DeFi market, with upside opportunity to capture a fraction of the global payments within the decentralized, mutually used network. This opens future doors to crypto/fiat lending.
A lot of 2020 has been focused on networking on fundamentally integrating crypto into the space as much as possible, thinking like macroeconomics. Running the fastest network XRP Ledger, and then applying oracles & self-executing smart contracts, this is something that can potentially unlock a lot more utility in the macro space.

Buckin Buds Releases ‘PayID’ Integration
21JUN2020 23:24EST
With Buckin Buds already running to the finish line of the full adoption of cryptocurrency, to make it simpler, they have integrated Ripple’s PayID application. With 40+ companies and non-profit organizations, and 100 million consumers worldwide, this enters the model of Buckin Buds perfectly.
To easier simplify what PayID is, think of an email address and how many different apps there are. The utility of each application is the same across the board; to send and receive emails. PayID, takes finance to another level by molding the same concept as email, but into a universal payment identifier.
Straight peer-to-peer payments, to e-commerce checkout, even to subscription and invoice payments are just a few features to name of what this does.
Overall, this is an exciting move to see Buckin Buds swiftly acquire the identifier to continue emerging into the crypto space. Ripple has a lot of innovation and tech behind the curtain. Announcements are sudden, and work is always being done.

SparkleCoin, Buckin Buds Align Mutual Interests
16APR2020 22:55EST
Continual partnerships have been a strong focus for Buckin Buds as they continue to expand the bridge the crypto and cannabis communities. On this day, SparkleCoin & Buckin Buds cross paths over social media (Twitter feed) and have been eager to work on projects and idea together for future thinking.
One unique feature that stood out for Buckin Buds was the Proof of Loyalty (PoL) program that is integrated into their coin’s fantastic features. What this means is, you will accumulate more coins on an algorithmic distribution which is like “staking”.
Starting discussions with the team brought strong vibes to both communities and unique features such as PoL is something we are excited to work towards as we continue expansion.
SparkleCoin derives from the DeFi mogul, Ethereum. Ethereum is a decentralized finance platform, where private and open companies enter the space freely, and manage their finance and networks from within.

Huobi Exchange & Community Discover Buckin Buds
02FEB2020 22:43EST
One of the most-known exchanges in the crypto community has come crossing paths via social media platforms with Buckin Buds. The initiative of accepting cryptocurrency in January 2019 has far come a long way of learning the fundamentals of crypto, to face price valuations, interoperability, and so much more.
The announcement released on February 2nd, 2020. Providing a friendly referral code for new users to register, Buckin Buds is very known for making ‘out of nowhere’ announcements over Instagram. Formerly, the feeds would also synchronize to their Twitter feed to expand exposure.
However, with new direction and strategy, this was one of the falling pieces that did not fit their model. Huobi, very receptive to community-like announcements, proudly affirmed the partnership and have a lot of plans and vision for the future ahead of the crypto space.
Once again, this is a great feature to integrate into the cannabis community while in its infancy of business structure in the East coast of Maine.
Networking with Huobi is a two-in-one win situation. Huobi has both an exchange and accessible mobile wallets, while Buckin Buds continues to promote awareness of the crypto space.

Buckin Buds Sparks Up at Bowls for Charity
25JAN2020 21:34EST
Every twelve weeks, or quarterly, the cannabis communities that are all working throughout Maine, rejoice at these networking events known as The Community Bonfire at disclosed locations throughout Maine. Information is released 24 hours prior to start of event.
This event’s theme was inspired with term, ‘Bowls for Charity’. At the event with companies at businesses getting to both celebrate New Year’s together and reconnect with some of the others that may live further away. Buckin Buds, an emerging startup out of Southern Maine, contributed to the Sponsorship events as an Official Exhibitor. Buckin Buds was able to proudly display the organic, solventless hash rosin that was made from a part of the fall 2019 harvest.
From food vending, exhibiting boutique grown cannabis, live glass blowing demonstrations, networking, chillin, and more fun times were had at the Winter Classic Bonfire of 2020. Due to the impacts on Covid-19 plaguing the globe, there was no April event, and Buckin Buds did not attend the summer event. They were there in high spirits, with always-demonstrated initiative and project coordination. Live music and more going on all at once make for a fun, but “easy to lose track of” type of environment.
The brand count increases at each event; providing how consistent the natural chill environment it genuinely is.
Overall, Buckin Buds had one table alongside close friends, Gasland Farms (formerly known as ‘Boston Farmers’). The Community Bonfire organizers are nothing short of impressive on how diligent and swiftly they can gather all necessary resources for the event. Buckin Buds plans on networking again at the Community Bonfire events soon.

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